• Shipping Solutions

    We propose different solutions concerning shipping weither you are ordering supplies or copiers, we can adapt to your wants in terms of time and price.

  • Customer Support

    We are striving to give our customer the best customer support, we are here from the beginning to answer your question all the way to the after sell, to help you get set up and get started with our products. Just give us a call!

  • Payment Security

    Our merchant solution provider is secure so you can shop securily without a worry!

Why choose imageWISE for your refurbished Canon copiers?

We cut your cost thanks to our 3 years extended warranty!

When you choose to buy your copier from us, you have the choice to keep your service provider or to not have any.

With our extended warranty on non consumable parts, you will be able to negociate your maintenance agreement with your service provider to only service or you can also choose to not have any service provider if you prefer to pay the service only when you need it.
Call us to find out more!